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Tropical Wall DIY

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Hi PPLA Babes!

With our new office in the works we thought it would be a good opportunity to show you a fun DIY project with a behind-the-scenes look into one of our favorite office projects, our Tropical Wall Installation!

Heres what you will need:

  1. Green paint
  2. Paint roller, angled brush, a paint pan
  3. Brown paper or plastic to cover your floor
  4. Painters tape
  5. Assorted silk plants (we chose a tropical theme, you may go in whatever direction you chose!)
  6. Staple gun and staples
  7. Neon sign (optional)
  8. Mesh plant grids

To get started make sure you have an open wall space with minimal outlets, the less obstacles you have to work around the better. Go ahead and tape around the area where you wish to create your plant wall, try and make your tape as straight as you can for a clean edge finish. After you finish taping around your area, cover the surrounding floor with your paper or plastic to protect from spills and splatters.

After you are finished prepping your area you can begin the painting process, for our wall we chose the color Hunter Green to match our dark green assortment of leaves. Painting the area before you place the grids on the wall will help cover all of the white space and gaps that may show through the grids.

Make sure when you pick out your paint it matches to the color of the plants you chose to use for your wall. After mixing your paint start rolling on your first layer, you most likely will only need one coat since the wall will be covered by the plants but use your best judgement if you think it needs a second coat.

While your paint starts to dry start peeling off all of the painters tape you placed around the edges, don’t wait too long for this step. If the paint starts to dry to the tape you may run into challenges with paint lifting from your wall.

After you remove the tape you can start sorting through your silk plants and preparing them for placement.

Make sure to bend all the branches and stems to make them look more natural.

Once your paint is dry take your mesh plant grids and starting from the top of the wall start stapling them over the painted area. Placing one staple to each corner as well as one in the center will be enough to secure the grid to the wall, if you place too many staples it may make placing the leaves in the grid difficult.

After you have covered your entire painted space with your grids you can start to place your plants onto the wall. Starting with the larger plants, stick their stems through the mesh grids until they are secured in place. Continue this process until you have most of your large filler plants inserted on the wall. Next, you can go through and start to add your accent plants and statement plants. These will be used more sparingly, place them organically throughout the wall to add in some color and volume.

Lastly, if you chose to use a neon sign you may place that into the center of your wall and add the last bit of greenery around the edges to help blend it into the rest of the leaves. If you do decide to have a neon sign, make sure to mark off the space where you want to place your sign. This area will not be covered by the mesh grids completely as it needs space to be mounted directly to the wall.

There you have it, your fabulous and lush tropical wall!


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